torsdag 4 augusti 2016

Beyond Hope

So my friend Markus contacted me and asked me if I wanted to make a short movie. so we figured, we would go into the forest and film something. and we have been working on it for a few weeks now.

It's funny, I was stuck on my solo project for a few years, and this comes along, and my writing just goes wild. I have written a great story, about a young photographer, who runs into a bank robber in a forest. And the story is about how he tries to escape.

it is a really good story, and we work extremely hard to make it great. But we are far from finished.
here is a small teaser.

Written by - Tommy Starsson - END OF POST -

lördag 9 april 2016

perhaps a behind the scenes documentary...

I want this project to start, but I'm stuck as you know. What is really strange is that I want the project to take off so much, that I just wanna go into the quickest forest and start shooting, I want to do the behind the scenes documentary of it, but I can't because the script is nowhere near ready.

And the simple reason is I still imagine a impossibly great film. I have set the bar WAY to high. And its difficult to tune it down. But I have no choice, because I'm wasting time, I could already have moved on to other projects by now, if I just started making the film as soon as I began writing in 2013.

But there is still hope. I have a lot of ideas. And I just need to decide which direction.


I could just go into the forest and start filming... no script... no preperation... just me and my camera.. my new Panasonic G7.

Ah, yes, my new G7. I'm very pleased with it. Even if it is costing me the leg and arm. The camera itself wasn't that expensive. But the lenses, I got a 14-42 and a 14-142. Missed my canon 50mm F1,8, but then I tried something. I ordered a adapter from China, so I could use canon ef-s lenses on my panasonic G7 (micro four-thirds), and you know what? worked like a charm. i have to manually focus, but with the focus peaking in the camera, its really easy these days to manually focus.

Its fun to play with the new camera, but I just feel stupid, not being able to get started on my project.
Made me start thinking, maybe I should just copy "the revenant" and just shoot a movie about a guy trying to survive in the forest. Seemed to work for Alejandro and Leo, as far as prestigious awards go.

Written by - Tommy Starsson


söndag 6 mars 2016

My world has become HD

A post about how my world 
has changed forever, when 
I discovered I suffer from
astigmatism. But the good 
news is that something as 
simple as glasses has 
changed my life for the 
better in so many ways. 

So it may sound strange. But for as long as I can remember I have been almost proud of the fact that I had perfect eye sight. Which maybe I once did, but I'l tell you what, we will get back to that.

Anyway, lately I had been feeling sore eyes and head aches. I've also been experiencing blurry vision. And I decided to check my eye sight. And I guess I already knew the truth before I the check up. But it checked out, that I have astigmatism, and need to wear glasses all the time. 

And when I got my glasses, everything instantly turned from VHS to HD. Which is amazing, and also extremely scary. I cant help but to think, how long have my eyes been so bad? Where they always bad? No, I don't care what any expert says, I did see better before. But it doesn't mater. 

A 3rd of the world population has astigmatism, and all our eyes turn bad at some point of our lives. I know it sounds

silly, but I have always felt I deserved to get my eye sight reduced in a much later stage of my life. I felt this was a balance as for the fact that my ear has been bad since early years, so I felt I deserved to see better. 

But that doesn't matter anymore. I can't change anything. I can use glasses, contact lenses but it won't repair anything. My eyes are what they are. And I have to accept it. 

But I do feel a sense of inspiration. I see so great with my glasses on, that maybe it will help me to see things clearly (pun is not intended, or maybe it is, I don't know). 

Astigmatism is weird. For me, I am not near sighted or far sighted, I get blurry vision all the time (and I didn't even understand it). So these glasses have really helped me. Its amazing how glasses, such simple devices help so much. And they don't require any bluetooth or batteries. 

I think I also look better with glasses on. More distinguished. But I am considering contact lenses. 

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